Monday, September 25, 2006

Digital Cemetery Project: What's New

Saint Joseph Catholic Cemetery

Well, we’re definitely making headway with Saint Joseph Catholic Cemetery. Volunteer Carol Rollins sent me about 1600 of the near 2900 transcriptions. There were a number of stones that were difficult or illegible and I visited each one at the cemetery this weekend and gained a bit more of some of the inscriptions that are now so hard to make out.

After spending a good portion of Saturday trying to figure out what stones were in what Section/block./lot of the cemetery, we gave up. It just does not seem possible to make this determination looking at the cemetery and pacing off the graves. So in this transcription, while all of the Gardens and Gardens II additions will be marked to their blocks on the map, the front will only have the major section and a row number. This is best I can do without a lot of time-consuming help from the cemetery management.

I am hoping to have Saint Joseph Catholic Cemetery published sometime later this week!

De Soto Cemetery

We are also already making good progress on De Soto Cemetery. This may end up being our best transcription yet, thanks to Kathy Ross at De Soto Cemetery. She is working hard to verify each record, and visiting the cemetery to unbury some of the stones that have sunken or washed over with mud and sod.

Go Kathy Go!!

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