Monday, September 18, 2006

Digital Cemetery Project: What's New

Well, it has been another busy and successful weekend photographing gravestones. This weekend Bruce and I managed to photograph all the stones at the De Soto cemetery! This adds yet another photographed cemetery to the list waiting to be transcribed. I sure do wish the transcription part went as fast as the photography!

As of today, the following cemeteries are photographed and ready to transcribe:

    • De Soto
    • Edgerton
    • Lenexa
    • Spring Hill
    • Union
Saint Joseph almost ready for prime time!

Saint Joseph Catholic Cemetery is officially transcribed! I want to extend my sincere and heart felt thanks to Carol Rollins, once again, for her help with transcribing the front part of the cemetery. With out her help it would probably be next year before it was completed. When it is ready to publish, Saint Joseph will be the biggest cemetery completed in the Digital Cemetery Project. Ah, but the just keep getting larger – that’s what I get for putting the largest ones last!

So, now I need to take the St Joseph transcription back to the cemetery and work on interpreting the stones that were unreadable in the photos, and try to index the front half of the cemetery to the sexton’s map. It will still be a while before St Joseph is published, but we’re definitely getting closer by the day!

And now it is time to return to the daily grind of earning a living to support this darned hobby of mine!

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