Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday: CSA Week: Confederate in Kansas

Even though Kansas was a Free State, if you look hard you can find a few Confederates who lived out their lives and passed away just on the other side of the Bloody Border. Often their military affiliation was not marked or the term Confederate or CSA used.

GeorgeW. Abbott
July 19, 1840.
Feb. 17, 1921.
Co. A. 6th Mo. Cav.
Docia C. Abbott
Dec. 22, 1842
July 30, 1924

This large granite marker bears the distinctive pointed top of the classic marble Confederate military tablet. The American Flag is under the point in place of the Southern Cross of Honor. His service is listed as the 6th MO Cavalry, but the reference to CSA is omitted.

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