Sunday, May 24, 2009

BlackSheep Sunday: Clell Miller, Notorious Outlaw

Clell Miller was a Confederate and a notorious outlaw from Clay County, MO. He was a member of Quantrill's Raiders at the age of 14 and then the famed Jesse James Gang. Clell participated in many robberies - bank, train, stage, and home - and is credited for killing a number of people.

Clell was killed in a bank robbery in Northfield, MN, at the age of 26, and is interred in Muddy Fork Cemetery near Kearney in Clay County, MO. Clell is listed on the family stone and a new military stone has been added with Southern Cross of Honor and Quantrill's name misspelled.

Clelland D Miller
Quautrill's Company
Dec 15 1849
Sep 7 1876

The family monument lists three family members.

Clelland D. Miller
Sept. 7, 1876
26 Yrs. 8 Ms.
& 22 Ds.

Francis M. Miller
Sept. 12, 1874
21 Yrs. 2 Ms.
& 2 Ds.

Moses W. Miller
May 26, 1798.
Jan. 3, 1879.

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