Sunday, May 31, 2009

BlackSheep Sunday: Frank, brother of Jesse James

Alexander Franklin "Frank" James, brother of the famed Jesse James, maintains a low profile even after death. Frank served the Confederacy in the Civil War, joined Quantrill's Raiders guerilla army, was member of the James-Younger gang and credited with many robberies.

Alexander F.
1843 - 1915
Ann Ralston
1853 - 1944

Frank's peaceful view at the top of the hill now overlooks a new skate park.

Frank and his wife rest in the Hill family cemetery in Hill Park in Independence, Missouri.

This cemetery contains Adam Hill and some of his descendants. Frank's wife, Ann Ralston James, was Adam Hill's granddaughter through her mother, Mary Catherine Hill Ralston. Now maintained by Jackson County (MO) Parks and Recreation.

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Karen Packard Rhodes said...

Fascinating post, as usual. Happy Black Sheep Sunday! Baaaaa!