Friday, July 02, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Walter and Betsy Cronkite - Follow Up

Betsy Cronkite preceded her husband in death and was originally marked with the stone pictured below. This marker was removed when Mr. Cronkite's cremated remains were interred and the new joint marker placed.

Mary E. (Betsy) Maxwell
Jan. 25      Mar. 15
1916         2005

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Susan Petersen said...

Thank you for sharing this photo. The timing of my reading this post is totally weird. I actually had a dream about Walter last night (which I would have forgotten had I not read this!). It had something to do with me being at journalism school or working on a big news story - the details are gone, but I saw Walter in my dream plain as day - looking just as he did about the time he left CBS Evening News.