Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday: And Time Marches On

Today I'm going to break format a bit and bring a different light to the Civil War section of Spring Hill Cemetery, Spring Hill, Johnson County, Kansas. Click the photos for a much larger view!

The Civil War section of the cemetery features a Civil War Memorial with the American Flag, and the soldiers laid out in two rows behind the memorial and bring images of the Kansas Infantry to mind.

In this normal look at the Memorial at the head of the section we can see it bears the message Rest Soldier Rest on the orb. The rectangular area directly beneath the orb is inscribed with a flag, above which reads The Flag They Fought For. The remainder of the message reads To the Memory Of // Our Unknown Dead. // They Sleep // On Southern Battlefields // And ‘Neath The Ocean Waves. The base acknowledges the donors as General Curtis Relief Corps. No. 29 // Dedicated May 30, 1897.

Many of the graves are marked with their original GAR Post stars and remind us of our old soldiers finally at ease.

The soldiers remain in their ranks for all time, marked by their marble Union tablets and armed with their badges of honor.

A Patriot at Rest

And Time Marches On

I hope you enjoyed this different view of this Civil War Memorial. These photos are digital IR and were shot using an infrared filter on the camera. This is the view a scorpion or a snake might have of the cemetery.

See more of Spring Hill cemetery including photo-index at the Ditigal Cemetery.

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Laverne said...

Riveting presentation, Linda. You are doing a wonderful job. Love the Tombstone Tuesday idea!

Sandy said...

Linda, what a wonderful resource you've built! Congratulations on a job well done.

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